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Welcome to Sydsjaellands Amateurgeologiske Forening (S.A.F.)

Our website is of course in Danish but we have decided to make an introduction in English and German.

Unfortunately we are unable to translate everything, but we hope you will take your time to surf on our website, as many of the terms of geology are international.

S.A.F. was founded in 1984 by three mineral- and one fossilhunter. The purpose of the society was to spread the knowledge of geology and the interest in collecting fossils and minerals.

Today, more than twenty years later, the society consists of more than one hundred  members, and we have our own rooms in Naestved’s Culture Center, Groennegades Kaserne.

We hold lectures by geologists and “open evenings” where our lapidary machines, fossil preparations equipment, computer and camera can be used by our members as well as our library.

We also have study groups about fossils, minerals and rocks.

We arrange field trips to exiting places with fossils as well as minerals in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Great Britain.

We are always eager to be in touch with other societys and collectors all over Europe for exchanging of geological knowledge and information about new sites.

Also we seek local guides, who are willing to arrange fossil- and mineral collecting trips for our society. Typically we are 10 to 20 members on such a trip, usually 3 to 4 days over a weekend. We usually stay in a pension or youth hostel.

The Mineral Fair.

Each year on the second weekend of October we arrange The International Jewellery- Mineral- and Fossil Fair in the Naestved Halls. The fair have 40 to 45 exhibitors and are visited by approx. 2000 people.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you wish to contact us please call, write or mail us, you are very  welcome.

Kind regards Hans – Henrik Meyer Chairman of S.A.F:

Tel: 0045 – 55 72 91 06  email:

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